The Best Your Canine Friends Deserve

Dogs and treats can’t be separated. We give treats to our beloved dog as a reward for her good behavior and as a sign of affection to her. Lately, many dog owners nationwide become very concern with the news of dog food and dog treat products contaminated with hazardous materials leading to possible serious health effect to our canine friends. It is an awful thing that we can give what our best friends deserve to get.

May be dog lovers like us must learn more from the cat lovers. They really know what best for their cats and that is Mendel the Cat. It is a line of all natural high quality cat food products dedicated to feline friends. Products from Mendel is widely acknowledge for its finest quality giving balanced nutrition to the feline. Fortunately, Mendel the Cat has big sympathy for the canine friends and dedicated a new line of all natural dog food launched this October. With the experience of creating and distributing finest cat food, Mendel offers the healthiest dog treats and dog foods, the best any dog really deserve. Dog owners can now rest assured to know they can find healthy and 100% safe treats for their canine friends. » Read more: The Best Your Canine Friends Deserve

What Kind of Animals Can You See at the Zoo?

What Kind of Animals Can You See at the Zoo?

If you want to see a wide array of animals, the zoo is the place to go. And rather than the typical animals that you’d see in a pet store – like dogs, cats, bunnies and fish – zoos have much more exotic animals.

Here are a few you may see at your next zoo visit.


As a result of their very low population, pandas are always a favorite to visit at the zoo. And zookeepers tend to breed pandas because of this low population. When new cubs are born, they tend to be big events that even newscasters broadcast on their shows.


The sheer size of these animals makes them a favorite animal to visit as well. Their mammoth bodies and long trunks make them truly unique to see up close and personal.


Another truly unique animal that you don’t see every day are giraffes, but you can catch them at the Binder Park Zoo. They’re the tallest living terrestrial animals, and their species name refers to its shape (like a camel) and its coloring (like a leopard). » Read more: What Kind of Animals Can You See at the Zoo?